40 EZ Aircraft Tug
40 EZ

40 EZ Aircraft Tug

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Aviation Consumer's #1 Choice

The 40 EZ Aircraft Tug includes one set of hook-up adaptors. Additional adaptors and extensions are extra.

Ideal for singles and light twins up to 6,000 lbs. depending on conditions.

1,000’s of model 40s are in the field moving: Bonanza, 55/58 Baron, Cessna 172-182-210-337, Seneca, Cherokee, Lance, Saratoga, Twin Comanche, Diamond, Mooney, Columbia, Scott tail wheels. And more!

Easy for one person to maneuver aircraft quickly and safely in tightly stacked hangars or staging on the ramp.
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On-Line Price: $1,899.00
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   #1 Aircraft Tug by Aviation Consumer!

The 40EZ Powertow is extremely easy to operate, allowing the pilot to hook up from the handle position in seconds. Gently start moving aircraft by squeezing clutch handle. Release to stop. The feather touch clutch allows the unit to engage smoothly. Features our exclusive "Quick Silver" transmission, designed for smooth starts with speeds ideal for hangaring. giving the pilot full control of the hangaring process.

AIRCRAFT - Ideal for singles and light twins - Bonanza, 55/58 Baron, Cessna 172-182-210-337, Seneca, Cherokee, Lance, Saratoga, Twin Comanche, Diamond, Mooney, Columbia, Scott Tail Wheel and wheel pants.
  • SHIPPINGIn stock and shipped Fed Ex, assembled less handle. 105 lbs. Carton size 45 x 22 x 23 inches - Signature required at destination.
  • POWER PACKAGE - EZ starting 6.75 HP World Class Briggs & Stratton Engine. Engine burns 100 low lead or automotive fuel.
  • TRANSMISSION - Forward-Neutral-Reverse...Designed for soft, smooth starts. Only from Powertow.
  • TIRE SPECS -13 x 6.50 x 6 generous drive tire with extra deep tread, provides smooth maneuverability through tight transitions or over door tracks. This single wheel design leans with the caster angle of your nose gear adding to handling ease.
AVAILABLE OPTIONS...Caster Wheels, Tire Chains, Spares Kit (Belt & Lanyard
 Powertow - Proudly celebrating 38 years of serving the aircraft flying community. Made in the USA!

  • 6.75 HP World Class Birggs & Stratton Engine. Forward-Neutral-Reverse Transmission. Finger touch clutching.
  • Customer Reviews
    Rating 40 EZ for 8GCBC Scout
    Found the Scout with recommended tire pressure was at my limit to manually move it. The EZ 40 with Scott Tailwheel adapter is a good fit keeping the EZ level when attached. Was not confident with the 1/4" engagement of the axle bolt head because it is possible to disengage and then risk damage. This is not directly a PowerTow responsibility but I provided both PowerTow and Alaskan Bush Wheel how the bolt head can be extended an additional 1/2" by TIG welding a standard steel hex nut extension bored for grease chuck clearance. That solution works well. The unit has adequate traction and power but requires downforce on the handle to launch and to climb over the 3/8" higher hanger floor. Overall easy to start, smooth clutch and good build quality. I agree with the 5 star but think PT should take responsibility with ABW for the issue with the short axle bolt engagement and risk of aircraft damage in the pushing direction.
    Reviewed by: David Finn from C75 Marshall Ct Airport. on 10/27/2016
    Rating Owner
    Whoopee, my struggle is over! For years, I've hassled with pushing my 172 up a slight incline of crumbling asphalt, over a small threshhold bump and into my hangar. I couldn't see whether it was lined up because I had to bend over to get traction, usually resulting in multiple "missed approaches." With snow or ice on the ramp, forget it. The 40EZ solves all those problems. It gives me excellent control of speed and direction, I can stand up straight and see the tail, and traction is not a problem. I considered all of the available tow products, and I'm glad I picked the PowerTow. Unpacking and assembly took about an hour, everything fit perfectly, and the engine started on the first pull. I spent a while testing and breaking in the clutch belt, per the instructions, until it would idle without moving. Hookup is easy. The only difficulty is hooking up when the nose wheel is angled, but it's no biggie, just angle the 40EZ to match. I didn't get the casters, but don't need them. Haven't tried the snow chains yet. Great product, worth the money.
    Reviewed by: JANET DREILING from Perry KS. on 10/10/2014
    Rating Mr
    Excellent, well-made product with easy to follow assembly instructions
    Reviewed by: Kerry Brown from UK. on 3/21/2013
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