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FedEX Shipping

Shipping can be pricey.

Northwest Manufacturing evaluates all shipping methods on a regular basis to make certain our customers are receiving the best pricing possible.

Currently FedEX is our lowest cost (and most reliable) method of shipping.  Many believe that the US Post Office has better rates, but we have found over and over this is not the case.

This example of a return parcel shipped by a customer via USPS shows a pretty standard ratio of the differences in cost.  We shipped the customer via FedEX and he returned it via USPS.  If he would have contacted us first, he could have saved almost $5.00 (or saved ourselves had this been an error on our part).

USPS has good flat rates for some very specific types of shipments (books, bulk mail, magazines), but for our shipments, they are a bit more.

Rest assured, if this changes, we'll change too.  The happier you are the easier our job is!

Thank you,

Ron Pasco
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