Hook up Kit-0301

Hook up Kit-0301

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Contains: Adaptors, Extension Bars and Mounting Hardware:

Adaptors: ADP-3
Extension Bars: EXT-1

For compatible aircraft, see list below.

Retail Price: $170.00
Online Savings: $20.00
Online Price: $150.00
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Fits the following aircraft:

  • Piper Fixed Tricycle Gear
  • Maule (M-7 Variants with Tricycle Gear)

This kit contains an extension bar set to adapt the tug to the height of the tow point, and an adaptor set to accommodate the tow point. Northwest Mfg. may recommend this kit in other applications.

Customer Reviews
Rating PA-32 Owner
The adaptor and extension bars are of excellent quality and were easily added to the 40 EZ Tug. I am a new user of a power tug after many years of using the hand tow bar. The main issue I had with my first use was keeping the adapter connected to the Piper stock flat tow blade. It kept disengaging during nose wheel turning. I admit I am new at using the power tug. I since bought a Piper towbar adapter to engage the Piper tow blade and provide a 3/4" round bar to fit into the Power Tow adapter. It is much more stable now, but great care is still needed while turning the nose wheel. I would hope it gets easier with practice!
Reviewed by: Robert Joseph from Washington, PA. on 10/13/2017
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