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Older and Discontinued Models

Being in business 40 or so years, we have seen a lot of products come and go.  The following units have all been out of production for 10 or more years and are no longer supported:

Model 35/Model 35EZ

Lanyard Cable (steel only)

Tire (13.5x6.5x6 only) 

Model 60 (Orange).  Also, Model 70 (looks similar to the 60 Orange).

Old Supertow 2 (2 caster wheels in front)

Model 60 (Yellow)

Line Boy, Phoenix Mfg. or "Plane Mover" products.

Ace 1000 / Glider

Old Supertow (2 caster wheels in front)

110 Volt AC Powertow (both gear motor and non-gear motor varieties)

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