Snow Chains

Snow Chains

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Snow chains for increased winter traction.
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If you have multiple aircraft, send list to sales@powertow.com.
Select Model 40EZ, KeyEZ, & ThunderVolt (for 13" tire - one chain) [+$49.00]
65EZ (for 16" tire - one chain) [+$49.00]
SuperTows (for 16" tires - set of 2 chains) [+$79.00]
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Caster Wheels 40 EZ, TV, KeyEZ,
Caster Wheels 40 EZ, TV, KeyEZ,
Spares Kit 40EZ/KeyEz/12 V/35EZ
Spares Kit 40EZ/KeyEz/12 V/35EZ
Customer Reviews
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Very heavy duty snow chain. Works like a charm on the 40EZ PowerTow to push that stubborn Mooney into the hangar...even on ice (assuming I wear my "yak-traks".
Reviewed by: Edward Soenke from Des Moines, Iowa. on 1/26/2017
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