Supertow I  Aircraft Tug

Supertow I Aircraft Tug

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The Supertow I is an innovatively designed Aircraft Mover featuring our self loading Original Patented Lazy Susan Carriage. Ideal for singles, tail draggers and medium twins such as B-55 Baron, Cessna 310, Piper Twin Comanche, etc up to 6000 lbs. COMPLETE YOUR ORDER, WE WILL CONTACT YOU WITH YOUR TRUCK SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM BEFORE WE SHIP
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On-Line Price: $3,399.00
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The Supertow I gently rolls under the nose or tail wheel locking the tire in the Lazy Susan carriage, allowing the aircraft to be turned in its own wheel radius for precision hangaring and maneuvering in tight situations. The nose wheel faces forward while the tug rotates under the aircraft eliminating nose wheel stop limit over travel.
Powered with the United States built Briggs and Stratton engine, the Supertow 1 has ample power to move up to 8000 pounds on level, smooth surfaces.  Electric push-button start, on-board charging and head light are all standard features.

Features the original patented aircraft self-loading "Lazy Susan" preventing over travel of stop limits.  All Controls at the top of handle allowing one hand operational control.

The Same robust design and features of the Supertow II & III.   Supertow I is lightweight, maneuverable,  compact machine.  Ideal for singles, tail draggers (Without Wheel Pants), and medium twins such as B-55 Baron, Cessna 310, Piper Twin Comanche etc.
Shipped In one wooden crate. Approx. 400 lbs. Shipping charges have to be calculated manually.. You will be notified of shipping charges prior to finalization of sale..
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When ordering, please complete the entire order. We will check for your best shipping rate and give you a call prior to finalization of sale. 
Customer Reviews
Rating Owner
I am very satisfied with my Supertow 1. My back is especially happy with it. I use it with a M20J Mooney and a Boeing Stearman E75. Works great on both nosewheel and tailwheel.
Reviewed by: George Hill from Diamondhead, MS. on 10/10/2016
Rating Airline Pilot
I purchased the Supertow I tug for my í74 Baron 58 and am very happy with it. The unit starts right up with the push of a button (ok, itís new so I would hope so), drives right up and scoops the nose wheel into the cradle and is ready to move with no additional action. I love the Lazy-Susan design as it makes maneuvering extremely easy without fear of exceeding the turn limits of a tow bar on a tug. I have found that I can leave the plane on the tug, turn the tug 90 degrees and close my hangar door, ready for the next time I come out to the airport. When I pull the plane out, again it is easily maneuverable to where I want to position the plane, pull the disengage lever and the nose wheel rolls right out where I want it. Iím extremely happy (almost giddy) with this investment.
Reviewed by: James Sisson from Aurora, IL. on 4/15/2016
Rating Highly Recommend
Have used a PowerTowEZ for 7 years. Moved up to a Saratoga. Needed a little more "power". The SuperTow I certainly delivers! Construction very sturdy, appears as if it belongs on a commercial ramp. Assembly requires basic mechanical skills. Functions as described, the turntable is very easy to use. No cables required.
Reviewed by: Kent Kalb from KY, KFGX. on 3/20/2016
Rating Manager: Bluewater Aviation Leasing
Very well made product that does exactly as advertised. Handles my Baron 58 with no problem.
Reviewed by: Jerry A Jackson from Beaufort, NC. on 3/10/2013
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