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Supertow Pro

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New for 2016! Extended Towing Power!
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Power Tower
Power Tower


Several improvements have been incorporated into the new Supertow Pro design.

New construction allows moving aircraft up to 15,000 lb.*


  • 10.5 GT Briggs&Stratton Engine with Electric Start
  • Improved Lazy Susan loads/unloads within seconds
  • Fits nose tires up to 7" wide and 20" diameter
  • Easier shifting
  • Smooth "feather touch" clutch allows fine speed control
  • Assembly time, from crate to moving aircraft, is under 15 minutes! See the video here: video
  • Convert back and forth to a trailer mover in under a minute (up to 8,000 lb trailer)
  • Headlights illuminate load/unload area

The Supertow Pro is ideal for single-users or FBOs who want versatility. From small aircraft to Citation V-560.

Self-loading "Lazy Susan" prevents turn limit damage to nose gear. The carriage turns on the machine so the nose gear always faces forward avoiding possible damage to stop limits. All Controls at the top of handle allow one-hand operation.

Trailer Mover option allows double duty! Converts back and forth from plane mover to trailer mover in less than 1 minute. Trailers up to 8,000 lbs. 

Improving on the design of the Supertow II, the Supertow Pro is a maneuverable, compact machine.Ideal for singles (Without Wheel Pants), tail draggers and medium twins such as Beech Duke, KingAir-90, Socata TBM-850, Cessna Conquest I, De Havilland Otter, Platus PC-7, Aero Star, Grumman AgCat, Piper Meridian, Citation (up to V-560), etc.Runs on 100LL or Auto fuel.

Approx. 600 lbs. Shipping charges have to be calculated manually.. You will be notified of shipping charges prior to finalization of sale...

*Under good operating conditions. Does not work with aircraft equipped with wheel pants. For Aircraft with wheel pants see the single wheel Powertow line.
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When ordering, please complete the entire order. We will check for your best shipping rate contact you either by email or phone prior to finalization of sale.
Customer Reviews
Rating President/ATP pilot
The tug works excellent. It is great for putting planes into really tight places. And the greatest thing is the the nose wheel on the plane never turns so you have no change of overturning the nose wheel on the plane.
Reviewed by: LARRY NUNNERY from Grand Junction Colorado. on 5/13/2017
Rating Mr.
Love it but please read the instructions first as I have just put epoxy on the hanger floor and the new tires would spin, got the Navajo outside on the unfinished concrete and it works great, after getting the tires worn or softened up a little the hanger floor is fine plus I just leave the Navajo on it ready to pull
Reviewed by: Dan Curnutt from Pryor Field Decatur, Al.. on 10/10/2018
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