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Supertow Striker

Posted by Administrator on 10/14/2012 to Powertow
New for 2012 is our Supertow Striker! 36V battery operation with self-loading Lazy Susan for aircraft. Move your plane in and out of tight hangers an easy job.
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maria Date 12/18/2012
Garrell Dombaugh Date 2/6/2013
Purchased the "262 Nylon Adaptor Beech" adaptor for 40EZ works great -- fits the Bonanza front wheel hub like a glove.
Gary Hoffa Date 8/7/2015
Order came in today.The small box with a packing slip indicated that The ADP 4 Adaptor and the 131 cable should have been in the box. But the ADP 4 Adaptor, Beech was not in the box. Is there another box coming? The battery was in its own shipping box. The Order Number#: AB-13214. I'm very disappointed, I really need to get this powertow working for the Beech A36. Gary Hoffa Expert always in is not true. This my third attempt to get product that I've paid for with no response from PowerTow. I'm very disapointed with this company.
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 Supertow Striker

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