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Online Price: $75.00
Retail Price:$85.00
Online Savings:$10.00(12%)
This Adaptor is part of a hook up kit.

Adaptor fits many aircraft models. See a list of aircraft below.
Part Number: ADP-1
Adaptors are part of a kit (usually with extensions).
Fits the Following Aircraft:
  • Cessna 150-206 tricycle gear with wheel pants. Kit-0101


  • Cessna 150-206 tricycle gear without wheel pants. Kit-0101


  • Cirrus Aircraft. Cirrus Hook Up


  • Beech Musketeer, Sport, Sierra, Sundowner Kit-0101


Some aircraft may require extension bars. Please check here: Hook-Up Kits.

Northwest Mfg. may recommend this adaptor or kit for other applications.