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Our Governor has indeed ordered the closure of all non-essential business. YOU ARE ESSENTIAL!

We all had mixed feelings about shutting down the state as folks here in North Idaho are used to being tough, independent people who like a challenge. What we Idahoans did realize is that our hospitals and emergency personnel did not want to be overwhelmed and put into the position of rationing services.

Most of us here at Northwest Mfg., Inc. have family members who will be on the front lines at hospitals, fire and police stations. Many of us have family already in extended health care situations.

To honor our brave first responders and equally brave medical and public safety professionals and volunteers (and mail carriers, grocers, taxi drivers, etc.), we are on a needs-only skeleton crew.

    • We will be regularly checking messages though the "contact us" button
    • We are fully supporting new and old equipment
    • Phone service is active most of the day
    • Phone messages answered daily
    • Before the shutdown we built up stock!
    • Almost every item is readily available!
    • We are currently shipping same or next day!
    • We are bringing in people as needed to replenish stock.

We do NOT ask for your patience - please expect the same level of care that made our company famous. Again, we Idaho folk like a challenge.

God bless you and yours. Please let us know if there is some way we can make your life a bit better during this.

Ron and the entire Powertow Family.