MODELS  40EZ, 12V DC, KEY EZ, & 65EZ

Which Powertow is right for my plane? 
The 40EZ Gas unit is the ideal light weight aircraft mover for the pilot who wants to fly on his own schedule. You will be able to hanger your aircraft safely by yourself. Hangar speeds from a slow walk to 150 feet per minute. The extra speed on the Gas unit allows you to move larger loads greater distances at higher speeds. The 40 EZ has a 6.5 hp engine with full torque at lower speeds. Smoother & quieter for door tracks & incline. Also check out the Key-EZ. It's our fully loaded version of the 40 EZ with Turn Key Electric Start.

Can I burn 100 low lead? (40EZ, Key EZ, 12 Volt DC, 65EZ)
Yes, we spec the engine to run on 100 low lead. (No need to store car gas.) Unit will start better and run cleaner. You can just drain a cup at a time from your aircraft. Don't toss your test fuel - Use it in your Powertow.

Hook-up for wheel pants? (40EZ, Key EZ, 12 Volt DC, 65EZ) 
Wheel pants require a set of frame extensions. The frame extensions extend out and up for easy hook-up above the wheel pants. The extensions bolt directly onto the Powertow frame. Cessna hook-up the same as with a hand tow bar. Pipers hook around each end of the tow bar blade. And just to keep it EZ, all hook-up functions are conveniently located on the handle

How does the unit work? (40EZ, Key EZ, 12 Volt DC, 65EZ)
Simply hook-up to the plane while the unit is in neutral. Start the engine. Select forward or reverse. Squeeze clutch handle...and GO. Release clutch handle to STOP. Its just that EZ. 

How does the clutch work? (40EZ, Key EZ, 12 Volt DC, 65EZ)
Our systems use a belt tensioner type clutch. It has a slackened belt. When you squeeze the clutch handle, it draws a pulley into the belt. The more you squeeze, the faster you go. Release the clutch and the unit stops. This feature offers both safety and total control of speed and travel. 

How does the unit balance? (40EZ, Key EZ, 12 Volt DC, 65EZ)
The unit is totally self-supported when hooked up. When not in use, it rests on the main wheel and the stand legs. The unit is lightweight and very well balanced. 

How does the unit turn? (40EZ, Key EZ, 12 Volt DC, 65EZ)
When you lift the handle, you break the traction of the tire. Simply lift and shift handle left or right, as with a tow bar. This allows the nose gear to turn quickly and easily. 

Why buy a Powertow unit? 
As a pilot and business owner, I know how important it is to have a solid, safe and easy-to-use piece of equipment to move your plane by yourself and NOT have to overpay for it! After all, its one of the few items in aviation that doesnt require an STC! We strive to keep our units compact and trim! I know you will enjoy your unit!

Happy flying and thank you,

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