Questions to consider:

  • What aircraft will you be moving?

Get the size of tug recommended for your plane; we have 40 years of experience and have learned what does (and does not) work.  For multiple aircraft, choose the tug to suit the largest one.  If you do not see your aircraft listed in our product descriptions, please call.

  • Do any of your aircraft have wheel pants?

We cannot accommodate wheel pants with Supertows or the Striker.  Please refer to our single-wheeled units (40EZ, Key EZ, 12 Volt DC, 65EZ).

  • Do you prefer gas or battery powered?

This is more a personal choice rather than a technical one: gas tugs cost less; battery tugs are quieter and easier to use.

BASIC OPERATION (all Supertow and Striker)

All of our Supertows load and unload using our remote control carriage. 

  1. The carriage is lowered by the operator.
  2. The operator rolls the tug under the nose (or tail) wheel.
  3. The carriage automatically raises and locks as the wheel is loaded.
  4. The carriage swivels freely to allow very tight turns without turning the nose wheel itself.
  5. When the plane is in position, the operator lowers the carriage and rolls the tug back out.

All this is done from the handle with no winches or straps.  For safety, we recommend chocking the mains when loading.

You can rotate your plane within its own wheelbase without ever reaching your turn limits.


The main difference amongst the units is size. 

All gas units use a belt tensioner clutch that also doubles as a ‘dead man’s switch’.  Squeezing the clutch handle engages the drive system.  This type of clutch offers good speed control and safety.

Super tow 1 has one speed forward and reverse, whereas the rest of the lineup has 5 speeds in reverse.  All units may use either auto gas or 100LL.  You may use the fuel from your sump samples.


The Supertow Striker is a smooth, quiet battery operated machine with clutchless load and go! Operation is the same as the Supertow I-IV, only battery operated.

The Striker has dynamic braking and electromagnetic parking brake, which allows the aircraft to be left unattended without chocking.

As a pilot and business owner, I know how important it is to have a solid, safe and easy-to-use piece of equipment to move your plane by yourself and NOT have to overpay for it! 

As always, Northwest Manufacturing is leading the industry in smooth, easy loading and moving your aircraft without bending down or winching the aircraft onto the tug. We strive to keep our units compact and trim! I know you will enjoy your unit!

Happy flying and thank you!

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