Finally! It's getting better!

Powertow Reduces pricing on small tugs

Coming on 50 years of building airplane tugs, these past 2 have been the most challenging!

Like most businesses (well, most everyone!), Northwest Manufacturing was besieged by numerous supply issues.

It didn't seem to matter if our parts were domestic or offshore (we purchase domestic wherever possible) - scarcity disrupted our business and drove up the cost of building our aircraft tugs and parts.

Long-time vendors  raised prices at a rate never before seen; some merely discontinued vital product s altogether. We had trouble getting raw steel! 

We found most of our time was spent chasing down parts or remanufacturing what was available to meet our needs.

Over the last 2 years, we have sought out new vendors and overhauled our manufacturing practices.

Finally, it's paying off. The vendor deck has been reshuffled, the parts are in and we can offer much better pricing.

Take a look!:  SALE PRICING!   

We hope to keep this rollback standard.  We do everything we can to keep our prices down while ensuring the decades-long expected service life from our products.