Just to make sure I hit all the legals:
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POWERTOW on Manufacturing Marvels on THE FOX BUSINESS NEWS NETWORK! Big News for Powertow: Manufacturing Marvels has done a production on our company.
Don't miss the airing on FBN (The Fox Business Network), Thursday, Nov 15th, between 6:30 and 7:00 PM SPT. ...
Manufacturing Marvels airs during The Willis Report http://www.foxbusiness.com/on-air/willis-report/, on the Fox Business Network. It features our complete line of aircraft tugs, manufacturing facilities and personnel. Join us for a peek inside our company.
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Now... We cannot express how thrilled we are to have selected by MM to be on TV. This is a huge honor that came totally out of the blue. We're not even sure how they picked us, but when the bright lights called, we were ready in force!
I'd like to think someone at MM or FoxBNN heard about our new machine, the STRIKER (see my CJ-3 post) and figured we had a company worthy of PRIME TIME TV!!!
Certainly, Northwest Manufacturing has been making quality aircraft tugs for close to 40 years. We also have been towing a wider and wider variety of planes as time went on; we have now 12 individual models with more on the way.
Taping for this was challenging. They did not give us much warning so we could not spit-shine the shop or hire the supermodels we wanted to run the machines (o.k. maybe that was just my idea, but hey). We did manage to get some nice shirts out of the owners for it.
Fortunately, we run a pretty tight shop and try our best to keep it ready for visitors. Oddly enough, we get visitors for far and wide who want to see our shop. Please call ahead. Please.
The hard part was trying to figure out what parts of our day-to-day lives were interesting enough to film. After you drill the 100,000th hole, the shine wears off. But, we never get tired of making great quality aircraft ground support equipment.
PLEASE: Watch the show, call and rave about it to MM and Fox. Click every "LIKE" button about us you ever see.
I have also been informed that those were supermodels in the video. Even more reason to watch!