Piper models with wheel pants can be towed with either the pants installed or removed. Piper models with wheel pants installed require a kit that includes extension bars (1st table).

Piper models that have their wheel pants removed may either be towed by the standard tow blades (1st table) or by the axle (2nd table).

If towed by the axle, please check the size of your axle tube. We have encountered aircraft that do not match the standards.

If your axle tube size does not match either the 500x5 or 600x6 standards, you may either tow by the standard tow pins (table 1) or we can make a custom adaptor for you.

There is an extra charge for custom work and a measurement sheet must be filled out.

PIPER WITH PANTS (pants installed)

ModelComplete Kit: (Adaptors and Extension Bars)AdaptorsExtension BarsNotes
PA-28 (fixed w/pants)Kit-0301Adp-3Ext-1A,B,C
PA-32 (fixed w/pants)Kit-0301Adp-3Ext-1A,B,C
A) Adaptors fit over tow blade.
B) Fits over standard Piper stock tow blade (3/16" thickness, 3/4" width).
If your blade is different, please call us at 208-635-5352.
C) Some wheel pants are very close to the tow blade.If your distance
from the bottom of the blade to the top of the wheel pant is
less than 5/8", please call us at 208-635-5352

PIPER WITH PANTS (pants removed)

ModelAxle Opening Size RangeAdaptorsNotes
500x5 Tire Size1.025 to 1.10Adp-6D
600x6 Tire Size1.140 to 1.22Adp-9D
D) Adaptors fit inside axle tube