As I mentioned in an earlier post,, we were featured in a short TV spot on Fox Business News.
Manufacturing Marvels* selected us as an example of manufacturing in the U.S.A.
This was a great honor for us, of course, as we did not solicit them for the spot.  Whoever recommended us, we give our thanks.
The link below leads to the video, as it aired on Fox Business News:"
*Manufacturing Marvels airs on the Fox Business Network.


Darryl Kielich

Date 10/28/2013

I bought an older PowerTow from a friend of mine and just love the dependability of the unit. I preferred a PowerTow over any other brand is because I see them everywhere around the airport. The way I looked at it, I could not go wrong because it is the tug of choice by the GA Pilots I know. Keep up the great work. Darryl

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