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Powertow Alignment Kit
Basic Kit

Powertow Alignment Kit

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Online Price: $35.00
Video is Free; Kit is Inexpensive! Kit Ships for FREE in lower 48 USA. via FedEx

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Part Number: 610

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If you have multiple aircraft, send list to [email protected]

For Old Machines and New!

Get a perfect alignment to hold your nose or tail wheel securely.  Be sure to click on the instruction video (white box with black arrow in product thumbnails)!

We exhibited at Oshkosh 2019 and I met with hundreds of customers new and old.  The one thing that came up repeatedly was a better guide to properly align the adaptors for a more secure fit.  We listened and here is not only the video, but also some inexpensive tools to help dial your tug in perfectly and quickly!

Note For Older Tugs: It is possible the tug frame has been bent beyond the limits of alignment.  This video/kit will quickly determine if the tug can be aligned in its current state.

For use on Models:
  • Model 35EZ
  • Model 40EZ
  • Key EZ
  • Thundervolt

Basic Kit Contents:
  • Alignment Tube
  • Clamping Cable (Lanyard)
  • Set Screws with Thread Locking Coating (reusable)
  • Allen Wrench

Complete Kit Contents
  • Basic Kit Items
  • Clamping Handle
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Retraction Spring
Both kits SHIP FREE in US Lower 48.