Thank You To Our Customers!
Coeur D Alene (click for a ton of pictures)
THANK YOU! We appreciate all of our customers, especially the ones who ordered from us during this Pandemic! You have fiscally and spiritually kept us going.

I am happy to announce that Northwest Mfg., Inc. has retained all of its employees and is looking forward to seeing you all again in person!

What a nightmare! We all here have friends or family affected by Covid. Our hearts truly go out to those who lost loved ones (we have no fatalities in our circle, thank God).

Most of you know the lesser demons: state-wide closure, supply interruptions, protests, counter-protests, general unease and lack of restaurants! I almost forgot no haircuts.

Through all of this, truly, our customers were a shining light. Almost to a person you were kindly and upbeat. Honestly, many days you were my ONLY social contact outside of family. Answering the phone never felt so... necessary. I found myself racing to answer a phone before anyone else could! You folks 

You all showed great consideration and patience when we were scrambling to figure out how to keep moving, particularly in the first few weeks. There were a couple of missteps on our part, but with your help we got through it.

As we look forward to getting some normalcy back in our lives, thank you again for making my time here so darn nice. Trust me, your smiles came right through the phone.

We humans are a pretty tough bunch; we have come through worse. I very much look forward to seeing you all in person where we can shake hands, nod at a distance or, God willing, share an embrace.