1. Thundervolt I Hart Flying Special Edition!

Thundervolt I Hart Flying Special Edition!

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The Model Thundervolt Has Gone Pink! This eye-catching new color will help fund aspiring women pilots! Scroll down below for more....
Part Number: TV_PINK

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I Hart Flying is a great charity that helps enable aspiring women to become pilots through grants, support and awareness.  Please check them out at:

Instagram: #ihartflying

Powertow Power

We recently had the good fortune to have cold snap here in North Idaho. We hauled out the Thundervolt and did a little stress testing on our updated frame.

The morning we chose was 10 degrees F. We kept a mostly-charged battery in the freezer overnight and chilled it to 3 deg. F.

We found that pushing, we could generate over 550 lb. of force with the Thundervolt. That is as much as our 2 largest guys could generate. The tire began to spin before we could stall the motor. Pulling was just over 350 lb. before the tire spun (pulling is always less effective).

These numbers represent the maximum forces we generated with a 8000 load in both free-wheeling and braked conditions.

The "Thundervolt" 12V DC Powertowfor clean, quiet, cordless operation. Extremely easy to operate, allowing the pilot to hook up from the handle position in seconds and move his aircraft smoothly without help. Features our exclusive "Quick Silver" transmission, designed for smooth starts with speeds ideal for hangaring. 
Gently start moving aircraft by squeezing clutch handle. Release to stop.The feather touch clutch allows the unit to engage smoothly giving the pilot full control of the hangaring process.

AIRCRAFT -Ideal for singles and light twins- Bonanza, 55/58 Baron, Cessna 172-182-210-337, Seneca, Cherokee, Lance, Saratoga, Twin Comanche, Diamond, Mooney, Columbia, Scott Tail Wheels, and wheel pants.
HOOKUP - Remote hook-up at handle.
SHIPPING - In stock and shipped Fed Ex, assembled less handle. 115 lbs. Carton size 45 x 22 x 23 inches - Signature required at destination.
POWER PACKAGE - Custom built, 12Volt DC motor, matched with a deep cycle battery. 12 Volt solid state float charger with auto shut-off to prevent over charging. 40% more power than other cordless units.
TRANSMISSION - Forward-Neutral-Reverse...Designed for soft, smooth starts. Only from Powertow.
TIRE SPECS -13 x 6.50 x 6 generous drive tire with extra deep tread, provides smooth maneuverability through tight transitions or over door tracks. This single wheel design leans with the caster angle of your nose gear adding to handling ease.
Frame Extensions for aircraft with wheel pants, Scott and Mooney Hookup, Caster Wheels, Software Kit, Tire Chains

Please review our Unpacking Instrustions and Owners manual while you wait for your unit to arrive.

Powertow - Proudly celebrating 38 years of serving the aircraft flying community. Made in the USA!

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