Moving an aircraft is a delicate process, and we do not just mean when it is airborne. Even small and lightweight models designed for just one or two passengers are extremely complex — not to mention fragile. Slight collisions can dislodge or damage just one part, which may be enough to imperil the next flight. When moving it off the runway and toward a hangar, ground personnel must take the utmost care.

The aircraft tow process is a delicate one, and doing it right takes a lot. You need a crew of several people in front of, behind, and to the side of the plane. Someone must be in the cockpit to help operate the landing gear and steer the plane. Most of all, you need an aircraft tug — a ground vehicle that attaches to the plane and hauls its weight from Point A to Point B.

We at Powertow cannot supply the personnel, nor the patience and care required for a successful operation. What we can provide are aircraft tow equipment. Our substantial selection of tugs are constructed to meet exceptional standards of quality. This commitment to quality ensures that no matter which product you pick, it will make the process go smoothly, quickly, and easily.