How do you know whether an aircraft tug is good, or where to find one that is likely to fit your needs? Many small airport owners have their own opinions on which aircraft tugs manufacturers are the best. If you ask around in online forums or scroll through review sites, you might find some hearty recommendations of reliable brands. You are not guaranteed to love all or any of their products, but a good reputation can inspire enough confidence to give them a shot.

Among the best aircraft tugs manufacturers out there is Northwest Mfg, Inc. We are located in scenic Hayden, Idaho, where we have been building top-of-the-line aircraft tugs for nearly half a century. In all that time, we have seen many other manufacturers and brands come and go, along with technological advancements in the field. We have taken the best practices from all, developed a few of our own, and pooled the knowledge into multiple models of exceptional design.

Northwest Mfg, Inc. takes great pride in the Powertow line. These products are our own bid to be known as the best in the land. Our true mission, though, is not simply to beat our competitors, but rather to provide our customers with everything they need. That is what all good aircraft tugs manufacturers should strive for.