Large-scale airports are on another level entirely over smaller airfields and private runways. The latter two may only service a few or even just one aircraft. The former may see tens or even hundreds of airplanes come and go within a single day. As such, their needs are extremely different. For example, massive airports can usually afford heavy-duty equipment that is well beyond the scope and capabilities of small companies and private individuals. 

Thankfully, these groups usually do not need such equipment. The crafts they handle are often much smaller, lighter, and fewer in number. In these situations , electric airplane tugs will do perfectly. These tools are more compact than the enormous piloted dollies found in large airports. Even so, they are still strong enough to carry 6000 or even 15000 pounds. Moreover, they are easy to control and efficient enough to haul your aircraft out of and back into the hangar. 

The electric airplane tug is a must-have for the hangar of anyone who owns a light aircraft, and PowerTow can help. Our inventory features a myriad of models, from the humble 40 EZ to the powerful SuperTow Striker. This impressive range should be expected from a company that is dedicated to providing top-tier hangar gier.