Owning an aircraft is an expensive hobby. Once you acquire the aircraft itself, you will need somewhere to house it and space for building up momentum. On top of that, you will also need more equipment than you may initially believe. Aircraft tugs are often toted as important, but how much does an aircraft tug cost? Concerns can leave people hung up about whether this "smart" purchase would break the bank.

The biggest tugs can run into the tens of thousands. Thankfully, you only have to worry about that if you run an international airport with jumbo jet traffic. Tugs that are suitable for smaller planes will still set you back a few thousand dollars. With that said, they are still cheaper than any accidents you or your craft may experience if you tug it by hand.

It is important to remember what exactly you are paying for. Aircraft tugs are an invaluable addition to any airfield, making the arduous task of moving planes on and off the runway much easier. Here at Powertow, we strive to offer high-quality machines at affordable prices so anyone can enjoy their benefits. The best way to answer the question "How much does an aircraft tug cost?" is to explore the excellent selection on our site.