How strong are aircraft tugs? Any machine of this type should be capable of pulling at least a few tons if they are intended to move airplanes around. With that said, aircraft come in a variety of weights, from small personal planes to staggeringly enormous jumbo jets. To match that variety, aircraft tugs may have a wide range of pull strengths, and each model has its upper limits.

Some aircraft tugs can only pull up to 600 lbs, which makes them just right for the most lightweight aircraft out there. Others can handle more than double that, capping off at 15,000 lbs. They are a little more expensive as a result, but they are the best choice for owners of larger aircraft. Others still can haul even greater weights, and they are usually reserved for massive airports with 747s and the like.

How strong are aircraft tugs? In the end, they are as strong as you need them to be. We recognize the wide range of aircraft weights here at Powertow, and we offer several models that span a range of maximum pull weights. You should check how much your plane weighs, both on its own and when it is packed with cargo and passengers. Then, you should check the models in our inventory that can take care of that weight for you.