The first step to getting a great aircraft tug is knowing how to select the right aircraft tug. Do not be fooled by that particular adjective. There is no single piece of equipment that is objectively better than all the rest. There are only many options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The "right one" is any option whose strengths and weaknesses are best suited to your individual needs.

In the case of small airport owners, a few criteria will stand out. Maximum weight capacity should actually be pretty low, though not too low. Heavy-duty tugs that can haul hundreds of thousands of pounds are best left for international airports. Efficiency and function are essentials for any buyer, who will always want the most bang for their buck. On that note, price is even more important for small airports, which have less room in their operations budgets for equipment.

Once you think about how to select the right aircraft tug for your needs, the second step is to find tugs of that type. Powertow's selection is geared towards airports that receive lighter aircraft. If that description matches you, we invite you to explore our inventory today and find the right one with ease.