When you spot a fly in the house, would you swat it with a sledgehammer? When you play catch with a child, would you toss a bowling ball at them? Would you attend a casual barbecue hangout in black tie-appropriate apparel? There is such a thing as too much, as all these hypothetical scenarios suggest. While you certainly cannot do too little, you should strive to find the ideal balance as called for by the situation.

The same goes for towing airplanes on and off the runway. International airports use heavy-duty aircraft tugs, but only because the traffic they receive includes jumbo jets and the like. Smaller airports may get more out of using light aircraft tugs. These tools are perfectly capable of hauling between 6000 and 15,000 pounds, depending on the model. They are the more efficient, effective, and economical option for the owners of light airplanes and small airports.

Here at Powertow, we specialize in light aircraft tugs. Each model in our selection fits within the aforementioned range. Better still, all of them are high-quality and highly capable. They provide all the strength you need without being too much or too little. Explore our online store and check out everything in our excellent selection.