Anyone in charge of an airport must not just have plenty of equipment, but specifically, have the right equipment for their needs. This applies to aircraft tugs. One could shell out for a heavy-duty model capable of hauling passenger planes and jumbo jets. If one runs a small airport that mostly sees light aircraft, though, then such a tug may represent a pointless and pricy expense. One could try moving it with one's hands, which is not as physically demanding as laypersons may believe. However, it can also be more unwieldy and strenuous than if you simply used a towing machine.

The manual airplane tug represents an ideal compromise. It must still be pulled by hand, but it is much easier to move and maneuver. The tug's attachment to the plane's front wheel, which mostly supports the rest of the craft's bulk. This enables a transfer of force that makes moving several tons of metal by hand significantly more doable. In short, manual airplane tugs present all the advantages of the technology without any of the overkill or the great costs of a heavy-duty model.

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