Small Airport Job Hunting
Job hunting tips are always a popular topic throughout the web. The job market is in one of the craziest conditions we have seen in decades. People everywhere are trying to find new employment opportunities that either pay more or give them better benefits and resources than they had at their previous jobs. One industry that is often greatly overlooked when it comes to the job market is the airline industry. People think of pilots and flight attendants when they think of working at an airport, but the reality is that those airports rely on hundreds and even thousands of people to keep them running each and every day and these people do not even set foot on an airplane. 

Small airports require the help of a variety of people including those with experience in accounting, customer service, sales, mechanics and maintenance, custodial, security, human resources and more. These people do not need experience with flying a plane to apply for these positions. In fact, many of the people who work at airfields find it to be a great career option. 

Why People Want To Work At Small Airports 

Working at an airfield every day, especially a small one, may not seem like the most exciting job out there but there's a value in that. One of the reasons this job appeals to so many people is because it always requires a dedication to doing your job correctly and on time, but usually that's it. You might see traffic increase during the holiday season, but nothing compared to what the major airports would go through. It's a reliable and steady way to make a living. 

Top Jobs At Small Airports 

There are several jobs that are available at small airports and based on your qualifications, you might consider applying to several of them. Consider all the positions that are available at a specific location and which ones you would have the best chance of getting first and then potentially move up the ladder. For example, you may start with a security position while you are training to become a mechanic. Once you have received enough training from your maintenance program, you will be able to apply for a new position and it may be easier to get the job considering you've already worked at the airport. Here are some of the most popular jobs to consider:

· Maintenance: Mechanics and those responsible for maintenance of the aircraft must go through rigorous training in order to be able to acquire this job. If you have the necessary experience and training this is a job that may benefit you more at a small airport. 
· Security: One of the most common and most important positions at airports of any size is the security detail. Security at airfields is always a top priority and those who are interested in these types of positions find that the smaller facilities offer less stress and fewer difficulties than larger facilities.
· Customer service: Nearly every company has a customer service department. It doesn't matter what the company sells or does, it must have customer service representative to assist people who contact the company. Airfields are a great place to start a career in this field because the responsibilities are very straightforward, and you can learn quickly.
· Organization: Throughout every team there are people who are in charge of simply helping the organization of the company. These people may work under some title including accounting, management, human resources or something like that, but these positions are critical to making sure that the day-to-day operations are handled correctly. 

As you can see there are plenty of important jobs available at an airfield that ironically do not require any flight interest or experience. The people who keep airports running are the key to keeping it successful and this is where thousands of people find a great career opportunity every year. 

What You Need To Get Hired 

If you are interested in a position at a small airport you will need to make sure that your resume, he's put together in a way that allows you to showcase why you are a great candidate. Let's use a maintenance job as an example. Here are some of the things that an airport would be interested in if you were applying for a job like that.

· Training: The first and most important part of the resume an employer is going to be interested in for a small airport maintenance position is the training you have had. They want to know that you have had the proper training and are certified to work on these aircraft.
· Experience: Another important thing to include if you are interested in a job at a smaller airfield is to showcase any experience you may have. Be sure to focus on any experience that is relevant to airports or maintenance work that you have done in the past.
· Airport background: Again, airport experience is very important and valuable in this situation. With maintenance it can be because maintenance workers have to follow certain protocol when they are working on aircraft that is completely different than when working on other types of vehicles. Familiarity with that protocol will make it a lot easier to transition well into the job.
· References: If you do have experience working in an airport try to include references to your time there. The reason is because airports are a small community, and they rely on everybody working together and if you have people who will say that you are great to work with it could be a very big benefit to you as you try to get the job. 

If you are looking for a job right now and you're not seeing anything that you would really like, consider checking out opportunities at your local small airports. You may be surprised at what careers they have available and how well they can pay as well as the fact that it's a very reliable job. There are plenty of websites that will offer more information on what jobs are available and what you can expect from them. Also, be sure to keep track of what specific training and certifications they may require in order to qualify for the positions you are interested in.

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