Provided that it is light enough, moving a small aircraft can be as simple as pushing and pulling with your bare hands. If you shiver at the mere thought, you now understand that "simple" does not always translate to "easy." The effort can be physically taxing, needlessly time-consuming, and highly unwieldy. You could invest in a heavy-duty diesel-powered dolly like they use at big airports. However, that might be overkill for anything smaller than a high-capacity passenger plane — not to mention expensive. 

PowerTow offers light aircraft tugs for sale, and this kind of equipment may be just what you need. They are not as pricy and intense as major-league drivable dollies, but they provide much greater force and flexibility than more manual measures. This makes them ideal for anyone who owns a small aircraft, whether they fly for a living or to feel alive. 

We take pride in our store not simply because we have a variety of tugs, but also because we have these tugs on sale at a reasonable cost. While other stores may charge exorbitant prices for basic equipment, you will only find high-quality tools that you can afford. Browse the various models of aircraft tugs on sale at PowerTow and find the right one for your plane.