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Extension bar 4

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Online Price: $75.00
Retail Price:$85.00
Online Savings:$10.00(12%)

Contains: Extension Bars and Mounting Hardware:

Extension Bars: EXT-4

For compatible aircraft, see list below.

Part Number: EXT-4

Fits the following aircraft:

  • Cessna Fixed Gear Tail Draggers (Models 120 through 195)
  • Bellanca (Cruisemaster, Decathlon, Citabria, Scout)
  • Piper Cub / Cub Crafters (Cub Family of Aircraft)
  • Helio Aircraft (Courier / Stallion Family of Aircraft)
  • Maule Aircraft (M Family of Aircraft)
  • Pilatus (PC-6 Porter)
  • Piper (PA-25 Pawnee and PA-36 Pawnee Brave)

This kit contains an extension bar set to adapt the tug to the height of the tow point. Northwest Mfg. may recommend this kit in other applications.