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Hook up Kit-0704

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Online Price: $150.00
Retail Price:$170.00
Online Savings:$20.00(12%)

Contains: Adaptors, Extension Bars and Mounting Hardware:

Adaptors: ADP-7
Extension Bars: EXT-4

For compatible aircraft, see list below.

Part Number: KIT-0704

Commonly referred to as a Scott Hook-Up Kit as it fits most installed and after market Scott tail wheels.

Fits the following aircraft:

  • Aviat Husky A1C
  • Cessna Fixed Gear Tail Draggers (Models 120 through 195)
  • Bellanca (Cruisemaster, Decathlon, Citabria, Scout)
  • Piper Cub / Cub Crafters (Cub Family of Aircraft)
  • Helio Aircraft (Courier / Stallion Family of Aircraft)
  • Maule Aircraft (M Family of Aircraft)
  • Pilatus (PC-6 Porter)
  • Piper (PA-25 Pawnee and PA-36 Pawnee Brave)

This kit contains an extension bar set to adapt the tug to the height of the tow point, and an adaptor set to accommodate the tow point. Northwest Mfg. may recommend this kit in other applications.