What are the most important qualities to consider when shopping for aircraft tugs? For starters, it should be brand-new. After all, anyone can claim that their used tug is "good as new," even if it is not. It should also be affordable. Airports only have so much space in their budget, especially smaller airports. It should be easy to operate, efficient in its performance, and effective in its key functions.

As you consider your options, though, perhaps the most crucial aspect to consider is the aircraft tug pull weight maximum. This number shows the highest weight that the machine can take on while still being able to perform its duties. Some tugs can haul over 300,000 lbs, but they are usually reserved for passenger planes and cargo craft that are filled to the brim. Others have a weight maximum in the quadruple digits, servicing the lightest aircraft.

Here at Powertow, we specialize in the latter. We offer products with aircraft tug pull weight maxima that only just exceed the planes that small airports usually service. Customers can choose from a variety of models based on their needs, and they can be confident that they are getting high-quality equipment at relatively low prices. Thank you for shopping with us.