Some aircraft owners will not buy a machine simply because they are advised to do so. Even if they have heard that purchasing an aircraft tug will make their lives easier, they may still have reservations. We understand. It is only natural to ask, "How do aircraft tugs work and what can they do for me?" before making any commitments. We will answer both questions so you can make an informed decision.

The lightest aircraft can be moved with a good push, as with an average automobile set on neutral. Anything bigger, though, will likely require an aircraft tug that can haul a few tons. Most attach to the plane by connecting the towbar to the front landing gear. Those with no towbar have a dipped end on which you roll the front wheel. You can then turn on the tug's engine, drive it forward, and pivot as needed to change direction.

This answer may be rather brief and straightforward, but that just goes to show how simple these machines are to operate. It should also show that aircraft tugs can be highly beneficial to any aircraft owner. Now that you know the answer to "How do aircraft tugs work?", you can browse our selection of high-quality towing machines and know you will get something good.