Aircraft are hardly lightweight. Only the lightest can really be pushed by hand, and that is with the assistance of the wheels on the landing gear. Any equipment designed to move these flying machines should be capable of hauling several tons at the very least. But how much weight can airplane tugs pull? The answer is hardly simple — it varies depending on the model.

Large airports that service international travel and passenger-heavy flights must get tugs that can pull jumbo jets at maximum weight. Some can tow 100,000 lbs. Others can exceed 300,000 lbs. You may be able to find some with even greater capacities. If you run a small airport, though, you do not need to fret about being able to afford such heavy-duty equipment. The craft you will greet on your runways will be much smaller and lighter. A tug that tows up to 15,000 lbs would be more than enough for most situations.

Powertow is home to the latter type of equipment. If you still want to know how much weight can airplane tugs pull, the answer for our selection is a range between 6,000 and 15,000 lbs. Feel free to inspect our inventory more closely and choose the ideal machines for your purposes.