Aircraft come in a variety of sizes. The most lightweight planes are only big enough for one or two passengers. Meanwhile, the heaviest ones are enormous cargo planes or jumbo jets, capable of hauling hundreds of thousands of pounds' worth of shipments or passengers. As a result, aircraft tugs must also come in a variety of sizes. Different kinds are capable of moving different planes up and down the runway.

Procuring the most powerful aircraft tug you can find may be tempting, but it may not be as practical as you would expect. The largest and strongest tugs can tow the largest and heaviest aircraft without issue, certainly. However, their lofty price tags may be beyond the reach of smaller airports. Shelling out for it may not even be worthwhile if the airport in question sees no traffic from aircraft of that magnitude.

It would be wiser to invest in a tug whose pull weight maximum exceeds the planes you usually service, but without going overboard. We advise getting the lowest maximum you can find while still being a sufficiently powerful aircraft tug for your needs. Here at Powertow, we specialize in high-quality tugging equipment for planes between 6,000 and 15,000 lbs. If that describes your own airport's usual traffic, check out what we have to offer.